San Francisco Accordion Club September 2009 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club September 2009 Meeting

Aldo Argenti

Frank Montoro

Grigoriy Krumik

Melody Guzman, Bar-B Rader, and Skyler Fell

This month our gathering started with some very important club business: the election of the new Executive Board. The nominees were unanimously voted in. Our new Executive Board is as follows: President: Frank Montoro; Vice president: Lynn Ewing; Secretary: Val Kieser; Treasurer: Marian Kelly. Directors-at-large: Aldo Argenti, Skyler Fell, Randall Hicks and Sharon Walters Greyhosky. Congratulations to the new Board and a big THANK YOU to those members retiring from the Board: Gus Greyhosky, Maryanne Romanowski and Lore Warren.

Our MC for the afternoon was standup comedian Aldo Argenti. The afternoon's entertainment started off with the trio "Thee Hobo Gobbelins", consisting of Skyler Fell on accordion, Bar-B Rader on washboard, and Melody Guzman on gut bucket (the very instrument crafted by founding member Walter Traverso a few years back). They gave a contagiously enthusiastic performance of traditional folk, blues and contemporary selections.

Skyler Fell is proprietress of the Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop in San Francisco. Be sure to visit their Website, Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop to see all the activities and opportunities offered.

Next on the program was Grigoriy Krumik playing his beautiful Excelsior Bayan accordion. Grigoriy is a very polished performer and played a wide variety of musical styles, including classical, American oldies, Latin and even country.

After a delicious lunch prepared by our wonderful Tuti, and "mood music" played by Dennis Stoscher during intermission, we were treated to some wonderfully relaxing and purely enjoyable music played by President Frank Montoro, who has a knack for embellishing a song with lush sonority.

Before you knew it, the afternoon was over.

Randy and Val

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