San Francisco Accordion Club September 2008 Meeting

Bob Smith and the Great Morgani!

Culann's Hounds

Sev Garcia and Skyler Fell

Sheri Mignano and Xavier de la Prade

Val Kieser, The Great Morgani, Telmo Echiverria and Anne Metais

The September 21 musical afternoon was definitely one of our best, and anyone who missed it, missed a terrific show, featuring The Great Morgani in one of his latest costumes; Skyler Fell, accordionist/repairperson; Culann’s Hounds with Renee de la Prade, Mike Kelleher and Scott Marshall; and Sev Garcia from Porterville, who gave not only a great musical performance, but also very useful tips on “Performance Anxiety.” Our warm-up players were Xavier de la Prade/Sheri Mignano as an excellent duo, with Bob Smith filling in until their arrival (they were held up by bad traffic coming from Marin County).

Val was flattered to be honored at this meeting for her birthday, with cake for everyone, plus a huge musical card and gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

All are welcome at our musical meetings on the third Sunday afternoon of each month at Oyster Point Yacht Club in South San Francisco. For $5 (members) or $7 (guests) you get not only a terrific musical program, but also a feast of delectable food during intermission.