San Francisco Accordion Club October 2010 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club October 2010 Meeting

Peter Di Bono and the Diaz Brothers, Brandon and Adonis

Taylor Pedersen

Bruce Metras

Taffy Steffen & Val Floren Brewer

The Peter Di Bono Trio

One of our best shows ever was enjoyed by all on October 17. Peter Di Bono featured three of his students, all showing exceptional talent: the young brothers Brandon and Adonis Diaz, and the advanced player Taylor Pedersen. Bruce Metras showed us his jazz style in playing Frank Marocco arrangements, followed by the very talented duo of Taffy Steffen and Valborg Floren Brewer, sister of the great Myron Floren. Val Brewer played solo too--and on Myron's accordion. The Peter Di Bono trio (Peter, the lovely Harriet Newhart on violin, and Steve Hanson on bass)--and what a show they gave us! Music meetings just don't get any better than this!

Randy and Val

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