San Francisco Accordion Club October 2009 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club October 2009 Meeting

Bob Berta

Victoria Doggett


Steve Balich Trio - Steve Jr., Steve, Harry Cannata

October Musical Meeting - A Little of Everything

After some Oktoberfest pre-meeting music by Val, Pres. Frank Montoro presented visitors, including Jody Amable from (X)Press Magazine at SF State, several members of Lynn Ewing's family, SFAC member and past president Bob Berta, now living in Michigan, and Herb Meier and some of his family from Germany.

Frank announced that an SFAC Scholarship has been proudly awarded to Sharon Greyhosky's student Mayumi Miyaoka.

MC for the day was Gus Greyhosky, who welcomed our first player, Bob Berta. Bob played three tunes, and told us about the Michigan Accordion Society.

Victoria Doggett then gave us a snippet from her monologue/accordion show, now playing in SF, "I Prefer Fur". Very entertaining.

AbsolutAccord needs no introduction. This group of five excellent accordionists, Lynn Ewing, Marian Kelly, Norma Zonay-Parsons, Joe Simoni and Director Richard Yaus, put on a full concert for this delighted audience, including an outstanding arrangement of a medley from West Side Story, arranged by Richard Yaus himself.

Last on the program was the ever-popular Steve Balich, joined by son Steve Jr. and guitarist Harry Cannata. They played many selections of the wonderful, comfortable, familiar music that we all love, including American, Italian, folk, you name it! A fitting and upbeat ending to a wonderful musical afternoon.


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