San Francisco Accordion Club October 2008 Meeting

Alexander and Daniel Wilson

Almenrausch Dancers

Almenrausch Schuhplattler

Almenrausch Schuhplattler Group

Jane DiMaggio, Marbella Pedone, Mario Pedone, and Lou Dimaggio

Jim Zimmerman of Almenrausch Schuhplattler

Lynn and Sharon

Lynn Ewing

Mario and Marbella Pedone

Mario and Val

Russian Kaleidoscope - Klark Welsh, Grigoriy Krumik and Vladimir Zagatsky

Sol Fenster dances with Marbella

We were royally entertained by an all-star cast today. After Lynn Ewing giving us a demo of her new Bugari accordion, we had a marvelous presentation by four dancers from the Almenrausch Schuhplattlers, a group of Bavarian dancers whose goal is to carry on the traditional Bavarian dance and costume. They were colorful and beautiful, graceful and stomping and slapping. What a treat!

Following the dancers we had Russian Kaleidoscope, a group of three players of Russian and Ukrainian folk music. The group consists of Grigoriy Krumik on Bayan (a member of SFAC), Klark Welsh on Balalaika, domra and sapilka (flute); and Vladimir Zagatsky, vocalist. Wow! It just doesn’t get any better than this. These three were truly excellent as well as entertaining.

After intermission we had our featured guest, Mario Pedone, who lives in Texas and is on tour in California, and his beautiful wife Marbella. Mario has an extremely versatile repertoire, covering everything from country and western to folk to Italian, Spanish, and you-name-it. Just look at the titles on his 90 or so CDs to get an idea of his versatility. Add to that his virtuosity and his warm smile and personality, and his totally adorable wife Marbella (who dances and teaches dancing), and you get an idea of the show they put on for us today.

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