San Francisco Accordion Club November 2009 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club November 2009 Meeting

Ed Gorzynski

Salane Schultz

Bar-B-Rader and Skyler Fell

Renee de la Prade and Mike Kelleher

Big Lou and Dave

Bob Reich

November Musical Meeting-Something out of the Ordinary

President Frank Montoro opened the meeting by announcing the construction of a new ferry terminal right outside the building-yes, even on Sunday the crew was working diligently.

Frank introduced and welcomed our two new members, who signed up today: John Hansen (who does wonderful sketches!) and Jean Moshofsky.

It was a special treat to see our long-time friends and performers Jackie Jones and Pauline Schulten here after several years. We hope to get them to perform for us again soon!

Frank displayed and described the "Accordion Babes" calendar for 2010. Wow! Another masterpiece-and some of the "Babes" were present to perform for us. Read on . . .

MC for the musical portion of the program was Accordion Babe and Director of our club Skyler Fell of Accordion Apocalypse where, among other things, Skyler "operates on" accordions.

Skyler then introduced our first player!-Ed Gorzynski. Ed played a variety of musical types, and wove a story into the titles. Very nice and relaxing, Ed, as well as entertaining and hilarious in places. I enjoyed it very much.

Salane Schultz was once a student of Lou Soper. After Lou passed away we lost track of Salane for a while, until Val ran into her in a restaurant in Alameda and got her started again, studying now with Lou Jacklich. She played and sang and showed us how her playing has improved.

Next up was MC and "accordion babe" Skyler Fell who performed with her friend Bar-B Rader, with Skyler on accordion and Bar-B on washboard. Skyler presented her accordion repair shop helper, Ariel McGurty.

Renée de la Prade of Culann's hounds, bright pink pigtails flying, playing her button box, is always very entertaining. Teaming up with excellent guitarist Mike Kelleher, together they played some very lively Irish and Zydeco tunes.

Renée is the organizer of the "Accordion Babes" calendar and is shown on the cover of the 2010 calendar. Thanks for a great show, Renée and Mike!

We are fortunate whenever we can get Big Lou (Linda Seekins) and hubby Dave, because they are so well known that they are always in demand. Big Lou is the "Accordion Princess" and her band is known as "Polka Casserole." They play every type of music you can think of. Oh yes, Linda (Lou) is August in the 2010 Accordion Babes calendar.

Thanks Big Lou and Dave-we're ready for you anytime!

Moving on to an entirely different musical experience, Rob Reich blew everyone away with his very technical and very musical performance. Add Rob's warm, witty and engaging personality, and you have a terrific finale to a great afternoon!


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