San Francisco Accordion Club November 2008 Meeting

A song from Bob Smith before the music program

Aaron Seeman

Mike Zampiceni

Mike and his mother

Rich Kuhns and Steve Erquiaga

Before the meeting Bob Smith entertained us with "Strip Polka" in honor of the just-released "Accordion Babes" calendar. Then we had a complete change of pace with Aaron Seeman playing many different types of music including punk rock, Klezmer, Gypsy. Many of the pieces included vocal. A very versatile musician.

Then our loyal friend and club member Mike Zampiceni played an array of standards including vocals. Mike can play and/or sing anything, and is always very pleasing.

After intermission, we heard Rich Kuhns (accordion) and Steve Erquiada (guitar) playing some very entertaining modern and traditional music, much of which was written by Rich, who also is a gifted pianist as well as composer.

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