San Francisco Accordion Club March 2010 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club March 2010 Meeting

Sue Hirigoyen and Herb Meier

Sheri Mignano

Grigoriy Krumik & Co.

Bart Beninco

Joe Simoni Trio

March Musical Afternoon

Warmup music was pleasantly provided by Sue Hirigoyen and Herb Meier.

We had excellent performances by Sheri Mignano of the very popular "Zighi Baci" of San Francisco; Grigoriy Krumik playing bayan and his two colorfully costumed ladies who translated, sang and danced to the Ukrainian music; the ever-popular Bart Beninco from Petaluma; and the Joe Simoni Trio "Sounds of Italy," with two wonderful vocalists, playing and singing all the most popular, well-known Italian favorites.


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