San Francisco Accordion Club January 2010 Meeting

San Francisco Accordion Club January 2010 Meeting

Mike Zampiceni

Tangonero II

Bonnie Birch

January Musical Meeting--Another All-Star Show

Pres. Frank Montoro was MC for this program. He noted that Tangonero (see below) and also Reno Di Bono have excellent new CD's out and urged people to buy them.
Our first performer was Mike Zampiceni, one of our favorite players, who plays a very versatile repertoire of pieces--some slow, some fast.
Tangonero is a group of four gifted players of four instruments: Accordion (Alex Roitman), violin (Michele Walther), guitar (Zac Selissen) and bass (Jacob Johnson), who play authentic classical tangos and also waltzes and Milongas. Their style is reminiscent of Forever Tango that we all enjoyed several years ago. Do visit their website and learn about this wonderful group and the extensive musical qualifications of each player.

Bonnie Birch from Seattle completed the day's show. If you've never heard Bonnie, be sure to hear her when you can. She is a wonderful and versatile player and a totally delightful personality. Bonnie played an "ABC" repertoire, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet--in order. She made it up to "M," and every piece--from classical to Italian to Hungarian, French and more--was played with utmost expression and smoothness. And with a smile the whole time.


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